Our List of Free Things To Do In Whitby in 2023


Free Activities In Whitby 2023 Whitby has lots of things to do which are free! Here, we have our list of free activities is chosen by us and it includes something for everyone. Most of us have a budget for our break, and no-charge activities will cost you nothing. From educational and inspirational to wellbeing […]

The Music Scene in Whitby – Our Guide for 2023


Whitby’s Music Scene – Our Guide in 2023 Whitby in North Yorkshire is a hub for live music. Our home town of Whitby is well known for its lively and varied music scene. From regular themed events at Whitby Pavilion  to pubs with live music, there’s something for everyone! Whitby Pavilion is just a few […]

A Walk Around Whitby – A Pedestrian’s Guide


Walk Around Whitby Take in Whitby’s Landmarks on Foot Whitby is a small town with a big heart! It is studded with well-known landmarks, most of which are reachable on foot. Surrounding the River Esk, Whitby is a town of two halves with iconic structures aplenty. The East and West Cliffs each have their own […]

Riviera Guesthouse – Guide to Parking in Whitby


Our Guide to Parking in Whitby Parking in Whitby The Riviera Guesthouse overlooks the stunning Yorkshire cliffs, coastline and North Sea in the lovely seaside town of Whitby. And therein lies the problem. With such a lovely town to visit, where do I park, we hear you ask. With the ocean on one side, and […]

Evie is Our New Puppy Here at the Riviera Guesthouse!

Evie playing

Welcome to Evie, Our New Puppy! Welcome, little Evie! Evie is a bundle of fluff, with coal-black eyes and a waggy tail. She is now part of ‘our gang’. Not Forgetting Nala If we rewind back to January, Riviera Guesthouse fans will know tragedy struck. Nala, our incredibly loyal four-legged companion, passed away. We were […]

The King’s Coronation Weekend in Whitby – Our Guide


The King’s Coronation Weekend Here at the Riviera Guesthouse in Whitby, we are getting into the regal mood as HRH King Charles III is crowned on Saturday 6th May 2023. Watch out for bunting, flags and all things red, white and blue! If you haven’t booked your long weekend with us yet, don’t hesitate!   What […]

Country & Agricultural Shows 2023 – Our Ultimate Guide!


Country & Agricultural Shows 2023 – Our Ultimate Guide!  Here at the Riviera Guesthouse, if we get a chance, we like nothing better than attending a traditional country show! Yorkshire is famous for them, with scores of them taking place each summer. From fur and feather to best in show, you can’t beat the good-natured […]

Our Ultimate ‘Fish and Chips’ Guide to Whitby


Our Ultimate ‘Fish and Chips’ Guide to Whitby Here at the Riviera Guesthouse, one of our favourite ‘takeaway’ dishes is … fish and chips! And living in Whitby, we’re spoilt for choice if we want to indulge. The smell alone is hard to resist! Yet while we enjoy our tasty meal, we wonder … how […]

Whitby Shipwrecks and Lifeboats – A Short Guide

RNLI Whitby

Whitby Lifeboats and Shipwrecks Our coastline can be treacherous and dangerous. It features numerous shipwrecks and incredible Royal National Lifeboat Institution rescues. This article will ‘skim the surface’ of the immense bravery and history of seafarers in Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay over the years. It will also tell you where you can spot a […]

Goodbye, Nala, Our Faithful Four-Legged Friend

Family, Nala outside

Goodbye, Nala Difficult though it is to write this blog post, we as a family owe it to Nala, our gorgeous, loyal and lovable Cavapoo. Nala was the pooch-shaped being who brought her own type of love to our family. She very sadly passed away towards the end of January 2023, an event which left us devastated. Of […]