Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2024

Thank you to our wonderful guests and reviewers!


We’re a Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards Winner 2024!

And we are so blessed as we are in the top 10% worldwide … we are DELIGHTED!

It really is such an honour and we couldn’t do it without our amazing guests.


From new ones to those who return to us for their little ‘fix’ of Whitby, we love our guests.

Of course, it’s hats off to our hardworking staff too, who love to make our guests feel welcome.


Yet we’re all human and to get such a pat on the back is truly amazing.

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Review Time

When we get a notification about a Tripadvisor review, or any others for that matter, there’s always a sense of trepidation.

Reviews on public platforms are part of running a hospitality business; there is always that ‘heart in the mouth’ moment when the notification pops up.

As it currently stands at time of writing, we’ve had 1,334 reviews on Tripadvisor and we are so lucky as 980 of these are rated ‘excellent’.

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Ocean Liners

Running a guesthouse is rather like being the captain or captains an ocean liner.


The engine of the ship works hard, efficiently and (hopefully) without a hiccup beneath the calm and welcoming upper decks.

There is a crew that work as a dedicated, supportive team, each person has their designated jobs for the day.

Lots of little intricate tasks slot seamlessly together creating the warm welcome, the comfy, spotless rooms, the freshly prepared breakfasts and our friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Each person has their role to fulfil, and each one is equally as important, from cleaning the rooms to arranging the bookings.

From changing the bed linen to polishing cutlery, every aspect is important as it helps create ‘the whole’ that is the Riviera Guesthouse.


We would also like to thank everyone for their fabulous comments on our social media platforms.

We posted about our Tripadvsior award and we were bowled over by the reaction.

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We’ve had goosebumps while reading them so thank you to everyone who took the time to do so.

Food Hygiene

Speaking of our breakfasts, our recent visit by the local food inspector caused no less furore than usual.

We say furore … what we really mean is frenzy as we are scrupulous with our cleaning, food rotations, food storage, preparation, presentation and with our front of house service.

We have to say we are very confident with our food hygiene standards … yet the inspection is always random.


When that doorbell goes, our hearts race even though we know we are more than prepared!

As well as keeping our kitchens and dining room spotlessly clean, with its gleaming cutlery, delicious food and of course great service, we always spend a great deal of time choosing our food carefully.

We source local food when we can; we use fresh ingredients; we ensure all food is well presented; and our breakfasts will set you up for the day!

Food is one of the most important parts of a guesthouse stay. Afterall, most guests probably don’t eat a full English breakfast every day!

A great breakfast should follow a comfortable night’s sleep in fresh bed linen in a well-equipped en-suite room which is also relaxing.

Warm Welcome

We know our guests sometimes have a long, frustrating drive to get to Whitby, or arrive by train feeling crumpled, dishevelled and ready for their break.

The last thing anyone wants is a below par stay and hosts who are anything but helpful.

The Riviera is very proud that many of our reviewers comment on the quality of the welcome they receive, the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the rooms and the delicious breakfasts.

While it sounds like we are beating our own drum, we honestly couldn’t do it without our fabulous guests.

There is a key phrase: ‘guest’ house and without you, our business wouldn’t exist.

Any business worth its salt is the result of hard work, dedication, a supportive team and loyal customers.

We are so lucky that we seem to tick these boxes and Tripadvisor has made it ‘official’.

About the Riviera Guesthouse

Situated at 4 The Crescent in Whitby, our fifteen-roomed guest house is just moments from the sea, the town centre and lots of attractions.

Our location is peaceful and yet is just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the seafront, beaches, marina and more.

We are a family run business, proudly independent and so lucky to live in Whitby.


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