Downton Abbey and Its Yorkshire Connections.


A Life of Luxury From the TV series that brought us some fantastic one-liners (“Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?”), the cinematic film ‘Downton Abbey’ has been released. We went to see it at our local cinema before the arrival of Covid-19 and its restrictions. Watching the silver screen flicker into […]

A Tale of Terror, a TV Drama with Whitby Connections.

Whitby Goth Weekend

While it’s not one for the kids, The Terror, currently showing on BBC2 and streaming on BBC iPlayer is a scary if fascinating watch. Little did we know it has a strong connection to Whitby! We’ll introduce you to Thomas Blanky, a Whitby man who sailed into the icy wastes of the Arctic … never to be seen again …

What Are The ‘Count Dracula” Connections in Whitby?

The World’s Most Famous Vampire Raise your hand if you watched the recent BBC adaptation of Dracula, shown by the BBC a few months ago? We watched it and loved it! As with all adaptations, there will be those who won’t be as keen … however it was a refreshing take on this gothic horror […]