Visit Pannett Park in Whitby for a Lovely Day Out!

Visit Pannett Park During Your Stay in Whitby!

One of Whitby’s most colourful and varied attractions is Pannett Park, which is just a ten-minute walk from the Riviera.*

It’s got a fabulous play area and some of the most beautiful gardens in the area.
The site, which has received Heritage Lottery Funding and Big Lottery Funds Park for People, has been transformed in recent years.
At a glance, the site includes a lovely Lily Pond, the famous play area, a Commemorative Garden, the Jurassic Garden, Community Garden and the South Seas Garden.
The history behind the attraction can be traced back more than a century.
Robert Elliott Pannett bought the land that has since become the attraction we see today.

What Can You Discover?

Pannett Park also has an impressive Art Gallery and Whitby Museum can also be found on the site. These provide an indoor attraction with incredible displays and artefacts.

The gallery includes some delightful works by the Staithes Group of artists, whose paintings are now much sought after.
Open all year round and free to enter, the park itself became rather neglected until HLF funding was granted in the first decade of the 21st century.
The site was transformed into the spectacular place it is today.
Covering 3.3 hectares and with steep inclines in places, the site also includes an outdoor classroom and the South Seas Garden and Lily Pond are accessible by wheelchair.

Gardens and Wildlife

Of course, you can’t have a garden with wildlife, and Pannett Park is home to a wide variety of reptiles, animals, plants and birds.

One of the most spectacular parts of the park is the floral clock that is bright and cheerful throughout the year.
Earlier this year, parts of the clock were redesigned with sustainable planting using ferns and grasses.
For the younger visitor, the play park is a definite draw!
Following a maritime theme, there is a wide variety of slides, walls, ropes, swings and lots more for youngsters to explore and enjoy.
Using bright colours and variety of materials, this will keep those little ones entertained while you take it easy and perhaps enjoy an ice cream!
And for history buffs, as well as Whitby Museum being sited in the park, there is also the timeline that details the history of the area. You can literally take a step back in time.

Pannett Park is just one of many attractions here in Whitby that we like to tell our guests about and we’d thoroughly recommend it!

*However, one thing we do have to say is that pooches are not allowed in the park, so if you have a dog, this is worth remembering.