A Tripadvisor Accolade for the Riviera Guesthouse.

A Tripadvisor Accolade

What a year we’ve all had … more ups and downs than a rollercoaster!
Of course, our ups have been many and one of them was the recent announcement that we’ve been awarded the coveted Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice 2020. Yay!
This much-revered accolade used to be in the guise of the Certificate of Excellence, which we’ve been previously awarded, too.

Now we don’t sound all smug and stuff … far from it!

What we’d really like to do is actually ‘present’ this award to our fabulous guests!
If it wasn’t for our wonderful guests, we simply wouldn’t have a business to run.
Yet it is one we love, love, love because if we do it right, right, right, our guests adore it too!

So, without our guests’ loyalty, consideration and appreciation, we simply wouldn’t be here.

However, in the era of social media and review platforms, our job has become a tad harder as reviews can be created at any time after a guest has stayed with us.
For the most part, our reviews are very, very positive.
And we are always of the mindset that if we can improve our guest experience, then we’ll do so.
We’d be fibbing if we didn’t hope for 5-star reviews each time … however, what is more important is the overall review ‘score’, which for us is a 4.5!

We are truly happy with this and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us obtain this award.

The Travellers’ Choice Award is based upon millions of reviews that are uploaded to Tripadvisor each year.
Tripadvisor, which is the world’s leading review platform, has rules and regulations for reviewing, and while their platform offers so much more than just reviews, the thoughts and opinions of guests make for some interesting and engaging reading!
It was founded and is still based in the U S of A, and it relies heavily upon user-generated content – reviews – to attract its worldwide audience.
As occasional travellers ourselves, we completely understand that most people will dip into Tripadvisor’s vast portal to have a sneaky look at a hotel or guest house they might want to book.
Yet there is saying that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time.
Like most sayings or proverbs, there is huge grain of truth expressed here.
And if this was our aim, then we’d probably be doomed to fail.

What the Travellers’ Choice accolade clearly expresses is that it is the travellers (or guests) that count.

The travel industry has been hard-hit this year and with our new measures of health, safety and well-being, Tripadvisor has also ‘regrouped’ and retargeted its own concepts of how well a hospitality business looks after its guests.
As visitors (and regular blog readers) to the Riviera Guesthouse will know, each review is important to our family.
We are a close unit that works together, connecting with our guests, feeling a huge sense of pride in our business and in our Whitby location.
So, feedback from our guests is vital to us.
We can listen, grow and ensure that each guest feels special, cared for and part of our world.
What we’d like to do is gracefully accept the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice 2020 award.
We will be bold and place it on our website, our third-party listings and our social media platforms.
No guests and our guesthouse becomes a house … the clue is in the title!

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