A Guide to Dining Out and Places to Eat in Whitby.

Whitby is blessed with amazing places to eat!

Inspired by the globe’s tastiest cuisines, we’ve combined a ‘menu’ of places where you can enjoy great food …

Yet if you are perhaps considering a trip abroad, as well as your visit to Whitby, then don’t get frustrated at the lack clarity or confidence about overseas travel.
Take a world trip right here in Whitby with just a knife and fork in your hand. No need for a passport, just a good, solid appetite!

Travel Overseas With Your Tastebuds 

Of course, we are talking about the culinary variety of overseas travel.
Whitby is blessed with some amazing places to eat, inspired by the globe’s tastiest cuisines.
For guests who stay with us then you will need to book your table if you want to enjoy some delicious meals here in our lovely seaside town.
We’ve combined a ‘menu’ of places at which you can enjoy some great food, as told to us by our guests.
We’ve added a sprinkling of our own preferences, too.
This blog does not include every eatery, café, bistro or restaurant, of course.
And if you stay with us and you discover a delectable place for a lovely repast, please let us know!

Great British Food 

Our global tour begins with good old Blighty!
Of course, you can start your day in the tastiest way with our freshly cooked English breakfast here at the Riviera.
We use the finest ingredients, many sourced locally and all cooked fresh to order. We are very proud of this, the most important meal of the day, and its particularly enjoyable when someone else cooks it and washes up afterwards!
Our breakfast will set you up for the day, and it will keep you going until your tummy growls with hunger again.

Fish and Chips … What Else?! 

When in Whitby, you simply must try some fish and chips.
Our town is festooned with fish and chip emporiums.
There is the famous Magpie Café, Pier Road; Abbey Wharf, Market Place; Hadleys Fish Restaurant, Bridge Street; and Trenchers, New Quay Road.
If you’re not a fish fan, then you must try some cake, an afternoon tea or some fabulous ice cream.
There are so many in our but here’s few for ‘starters’:
Beckett’s Coffee Shop, Skinner Street; Bothams, Skinner Street; Cranberry Swamp, Skinner Street; Sherlock’s Coffee House, Flowergate; Java Café in Hudson’s Yard; The Rusty Shears in Silver Street; J’s Ice Cream Parlour and Café, Market Place. Humble Pie and Mash in Church Street offers a wide range of delicious pies and has an open fire for chilly days.

La Dolce Vita – The Good Life 

Surely one of the most popular cuisines in the world must be Italian.
From soft, sumptuous pasta to luxurious pizzas and stunning regional dishes, Italian food is always a popular choice. After a good day’s walking and tackling the 199 Steps, then a good hearty Italian dish is just the ticket!
Casa Nostra is in the town’s historic Church Street in a Grade II listed building.
Moutreys is located in Grape Lane and has a woodfired oven for authentic pizza.

Mediterranean Fare 

The Four Seasons in Bridge Street offers mainly Turkish ‘delights’ along with a choice of other dishes.
Definitely a place to try if you like generous portions of food during your visit to Whitby!

Indian Cuisine 

This perennial favourite in the world of food is well-served in Whitby if you love a balti, pasanda or a masala. Try a Passage To India, located in Windsor Terrace in the town, just a few minutes from Pannett Park, as a place to enjoy some great food. Indian Moments also serves stunningly spicy dishes and is located in Church Street.

Try Some Thai 

One of the tastiest of the globe’s gourmet offerings, Kam Thai is the place to go if you love Thai cuisine.
Located very close to the town’s railway station, if you love noodles, fresh fish and the fragrant flavours that Thai food is famous for, then Kam Thai must be on your list.

Chinese Food 

One of the greatest cuisines in the world, get your taste of China at New Long King’s in Argyle Street, Whitby.

Seafood Specialities 

As well as our fish and chip offerings, Whitby is known for its fresh seafood.
Its bustling port has landed fish for centuries and while fish and shellfish are always a popular choice, cooking these aquatic ingredients requires skill and knowledge and it’s a food stuff that must be treated with respect.
The Star Inn The Harbour, part of Andrew Pern’s award-winning foodie portfolio, is located in a stunning venue opposite the railway station in Langbourne Road. Panoramic views from the windows along with a delicious menu is guaranteed at this special occasion restaurant.
Other tasty seafood offerings can be found at The Fishermans Wife, Khyber Pass, Whitby, and Abbey Wharf, which can be found in Whitby’s Market Place.

A Mixed Menu 

Whitby boasts some bistro greatness, and this includes the popular Ditto restaurant in Skinner Street offering a small, homely atmosphere serving British dishes.
The Duke of York in Church Street is a Whitby pub with a harbour view and offers a British inspired menu.
The White Horse and Griffin in Church Street occupies one of the oldest properties in Whitby serving British dishes bistro style with an emphasis on fresh seafood.
The Edge Restaurant in Bridge Street offers traditional dishes including fish and steak.
Harry’s Lounge Bar and Brasserie in Pier Road offers a unique range of starters or you can go for a daily special.
The Board Inn Pub and Restaurant in Church Street is a popular refuelling place in the heart of the town.
Also the Marine Bar & Restaurant can be found in Marine Parade, while the Moon & Sixpence, which can be found on the same street, will open again from 17th May 2021.
Most of the restaurants and eateries in Whitby are either independently owned or family run. As with most towns, there is a Wetherspoons, The Angel in New Quay Road.

Something A Bit Different 

The Blitz in Church Street is a themed eatery that includes traditional touches such as china cups for lashing of freshly brewed tea, gorgeous cakes and other 1940s goodies and then serves great tapas on a night.

And To Finish … 

There is nothing better than looking forward to food prepared and cooked by a great chef, relaxing in great company. You can also enjoy a tipple or two if you like wine, gin or cocktails.
We all work hard, and we prepare our meals at home every day, sometimes three times a day.
One of the best aspects of a holiday is that the cook or cooks get some time off from the routine!
The whole experience of booking your table, arriving at the venue, choosing your wine or soft drink and then perusing the menu is something we’ve all missed for the best part of a year.
So, we hope you’ve enjoyed this culinary global tour.
Here at the Riviera, we hope you can totally relax and enjoy a pot and pan-free stay with us!