So … the clocks have gone back; the sun doesn’t rise until after 8am; and it’s cold! Why on earth would you want to have a short break during the winter here in Whitby? 
Well, there is something magical about our beautiful town and the surrounding area when it's ‘out of season’. While the daylight hours are short, the soft winter light shows the town and countryside at its wintry best. 
During the summer, the bustle of the town is fun and exciting. Yet the calmness of a winter morning is both restorative and soothing, perfect for a peaceful winter holiday on the Yorkshire Coast. While some attractions may close for the low season, Whitby’s shops provide some elegant and bespoke shopping ideas. The many cafes and restaurants in the town offer warming stews, soups and other goodies for some tasty comfort food. 
With just a few weeks to go until Christmas (like you needed reminding!), Whitby goes “all festive” on 17th, 18th and 19th November 2017 with the annual Whitby Christmas Festival and Market. Held at the Marina Front Car Park under the silhouette of the gothic Abbey and next to the bustling harbour, this event will get you in the Christmas spirit! 
Organised by Whitby Town Council, it’s an occasion capturing all that’s special about this time of year: twinkly lights, tempting food and drink stalls, activities, and there’ll even be some festive fireworks. 
Read more so you can plan your festive visit to Whitby! 
It's the BIGGIE! 
Returning to its rightful close-to-Halloween dates, Whitby Goth Weekend (WGW for short) transforms Whitby on 27th, 28th and 29th October 2017. 
These dates also coincide with half term for many, so it’s a spookily great time to embrace Whitby and experience this world-renowned event. 
This year’s line-up includes top music acts such as Theatre of Hate and The Membranes on Friday, and Fuzzbox and Massive Ego on Saturday.  
These bands are all performing at the Whitby Spa Pavilion on the town’s West Cliff (right opposite the Riviera). 
As the nights draw in over Whitby, the town is preparing for some spectacular autumn events. 
If you love a bit of nostalgia, then we’ve got just the thing! 
The Whitby Spirit of the 40s Swing Era event takes place on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October at the Met Lounge and Ballroom on the West Cliff (a few minutes’ walk from the Riviera). The line-up includes guitarist Anthony Purdy, host and DJ Dapper Dan, Kal’s Kats and the Bonito Sisters. Tickets range from £7 to £15 and you can obtain them from Linda on 01947 605407 or from the Met Lounge itself (01947 820652). 
If you get goose-bumps to arrangements similar to that of Glen Miller or like the close harmonies of the Andrews Sisters, it is also worthwhile knowing how Whitby and the Yorkshire Coast were very much involved in World War Two … 
Looking for a Getaway at a Great Price? 
We all see the flashy advertising for OTAs - that’s online travel agents to you and me! 
People are very Internet savvy nowadays and are always looking for ‘the cheapest deal’ and tend to think the ‘grass is greener’ on portal websites that list millions of hotels or guesthouses. 
Yet perhaps what folks don’t realise is that you will ALWAYS get a cheaper rate direct with the Riviera.  
This is because it cuts out the ‘middle men’ who take a slice of the proceeds too. 
With two young children and an elegant guesthouse to run in a beautiful Yorkshire Coastal town, we like to think we have one of the best jobs in the world. 
Every morning, when we draw back the curtains, we see the sparkling sea, hear the cry of the seagulls and see the fishing boats leaving or returning to the safety of the harbour. 
Yet running a guesthouse and running it well isn’t without its challenges … From replacing a broken cup, to a mix-up with the laundry, to investigating the reason for water coming through the ceiling, these little bumps along the way can be a daily occurrence. When the alarm wakes us up to when our heads hit the pillow as the evening pulls in, we are on the go...! Well actually, lets be honest we haven't set an alarm clock in nearly 4 years (could it be a coincidence that our eldest is nearly 4!). 
If you enjoy your morning kippers, then you are partaking of a very historic tradition here in Whitby! In times past, fishermen and women went through a great deal to help bring this iconic food to the table ... 
So … What Are The ‘Silver Darlings’? 
Kippers are the smoked version of the herring, an oily, silvery fish that once shoaled in vast numbers along our North Sea coastline. 
The silver darlings, as the herring were often referred to, swam along our coasts in the late summer and into autumn, with the Scottish (and some English) fishing boats in their wake. 
Herring Girls 
And it wasn’t only fishing vessels that followed the fish. The herring girls, as they were known, followed the menfolk from their homes, travelling right down the East Coast by rail and on foot. In the time of photographer Frank Meadow Sutcliffe and through to the Edwardian era, this pelagic fish was plentiful. 
Whitby Regatta … its very name conjures up billowing white sails, crowded quays and spectacular firework displays! 
This year’s event - Friday 18th, Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th and Monday 21st August - marks 177 years of aquatic-related entertainment. 
Possibly the oldest of its kind on the northeast coast, Whitby Regatta is always a huge crowd-puller for the town. 
Yet ... how did this iconic event even begin? Keep reading! ... 
The RNLI Whitby fundraising weekend is at close quarters to all of us here at Riviera Guest House! 
It’s a case of batten down the hatches at this popular event that raises funds for RNLI Whitby on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August 2017. No doubt Whitby will be chock-a-block during the two-day event. 
Ahoy me hearties - 'sea' if you can spot 12 nautical phrases in the rest of this maritime-themed blog ... answers at the bottom, shipmates ... no cheating! 
The 2017 list of Trip Advisor’s Certificates of Excellence has just been announced. 
We are absolutely delighted to have received our own Certificate of Excellence (from this famous travel website) for the fifth year running. 
And when we received our very own 2017 Certificate of Excellence, we were absolutely delighted. 
We would like to thank all our guests for making this possible.