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If you enjoy your morning kippers, then you are partaking of a very historic tradition here in Whitby! In times past, fishermen and women went through a great deal to help bring this iconic food to the table ... 
So … What Are The ‘Silver Darlings’? 
Kippers are the smoked version of the herring, an oily, silvery fish that once shoaled in vast numbers along our North Sea coastline. 
The silver darlings, as the herring were often referred to, swam along our coasts in the late summer and into autumn, with the Scottish (and some English) fishing boats in their wake. 
Herring Girls 
And it wasn’t only fishing vessels that followed the fish. The herring girls, as they were known, followed the menfolk from their homes, travelling right down the East Coast by rail and on foot. In the time of photographer Frank Meadow Sutcliffe and through to the Edwardian era, this pelagic fish was plentiful. 
Whitby Regatta … its very name conjures up billowing white sails, crowded quays and spectacular firework displays! 
This year’s event - Friday 18th, Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th and Monday 21st August - marks 177 years of aquatic-related entertainment. 
Possibly the oldest of its kind on the northeast coast, Whitby Regatta is always a huge crowd-puller for the town. 
Yet ... how did this iconic event even begin? Keep reading! ...