Posts from November 2017

So … the clocks have gone back; the sun doesn’t rise until after 8am; and it’s cold! Why on earth would you want to have a short break during the winter here in Whitby? 
Well, there is something magical about our beautiful town and the surrounding area when it's ‘out of season’. While the daylight hours are short, the soft winter light shows the town and countryside at its wintry best. 
During the summer, the bustle of the town is fun and exciting. Yet the calmness of a winter morning is both restorative and soothing, perfect for a peaceful winter holiday on the Yorkshire Coast. While some attractions may close for the low season, Whitby’s shops provide some elegant and bespoke shopping ideas. The many cafes and restaurants in the town offer warming stews, soups and other goodies for some tasty comfort food.