Posts from June 2017

We're so lucky here at the Riviera Guest House ... 
Not only do we have a sensational sea view, enjoy sparkling blue skies and have the Whalebone Arch just a few metres away ... we can also hear the sounds of the seaside: the seagulls; the sound of the pleasure boats chugging in and out of the harbour; a boisterous sea breeze on hot, sunny days! 
Yet we never forget our ties to the countless tides that sweep in and out of the nearby beaches, and we always remember the many men and women who make a living from the sea. 
Paying homage to this dangerous yet evocative industry is the Blessing of the Boats, taking place on Sunday 9th July at 4pm in Whitby Harbour. 
It’s enough to make you burst with pride and is one of the Yorkshire Coast’s most ambitious events: Saturday 24th June marks Armed Forces Day 2017. 
This year’s event takes place in both Whitby and nearby Scarborough. And don’t forget you can stay with us here at the Riviera
Here in Whitby, head to Dock End for Armed Forces Day events from 10am to 4pm, while at Whitby Pavilion, there’s a packed schedule at this popular venue. 
Over in Scarborough, there’s a hectic itinerary from 10am to 5pm in the town’s spectacular South Bay. 


So, Father’s Day is approaching (Sunday 18th June, by the way)! 
How can you thank the father figure in your family? 
Of course, you could book a couple of nights away here at the Riviera Guest House, and we can cook him one of our brilliant breakfasts! 
We always think Father’s Day is a bit of a missed opportunity … Mother’s Day seems to get more attention, and we’re not sure why. 
Just think of all the things dads tend to do: he might be your personal chauffeur; your DIY expert; he might be your sole parent; or he might just be that shoulder to cry on when things get tough. 


What do the 1960s mean to you? 
Mini-skirts? Mary Quant? The Beatles? Woodstock? 
Whether you lived during this iconic decade, or simply love the music from that era, Whitby 60’s Festival is the leader of the pack and will give you good vibrations on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June. 
Taking place at Whitby Pavilion, just a hop, skip and a jump away from us, you could be a wild thing, and twist and shout your way through the whole weekend! 
Top billing goes to The Bachelors and The Searchers on Saturday, along with numerous other class acts. 
The first Whitby 60’s Festival took place in 2006 and has commanded respect from all who take part in the event. And you can be sure The Pavilion, with its fabulous coastal views, won’t be filled with the sound of silence during this event!